Orientation for International Students


International students who have been accepted and will start attending SU in August 2012 should arrive on Wednesday, August 15, or Thursday, August 16. International student orientation begins 9:a.m. on Thursday, August 16. Plan to meet in the International and Cross Cultural Center which is located on the ground floor of Cooley Hall.

Orientation and Advising

To help ensure your success as a student at Shenandoah, we offer a special orientation program at the beginning of each term.

Topics Included in Orientation

  • Adjusting to study in a new language & culture
  • Legal rights and responsibilities of students
  • Student led discussions of campus life
  • Introduction to campus services and programs
  • Academic planning for success
  • Tours of the campus and city of Winchester
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Social activities

What to Bring

With the limits on the amount of luggage you can transport on international flights, you will need to carefully choose the items you bring with you. Here are some guidelines:

  • Climate: During the academic year, you will experience all aspects of the Winchester climate and will need appropriate clothing for each season. If you are coming from a country that does not have such a wide range of climatic conditions, you may find it easier to purchase seasonal clothing once you arrive. There are a number of locations close to the University where reasonably priced clothing can be purchased.
  • Dress: Dress for class is generally very casual with an emphasis on comfort. Remember, buildings will be air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter, so you will need to dress for both outside and inside temperatures. Shenandoah has a very large and active international community so you are encouraged to bring your national costume with you as there are a number of occasions when you may wish to wear clothing that reflects your culture and heritage.
  • Personal Documents: Remember to bring all personal documents including your driver’s license, medical records, academic records, employment recommendations, certificates, or awards. You never know when you might need the proof offered by these documents!
  • Gifts: You may wish to bring a few items typical of the crafts or handiwork of your country to have on hand as small gifts.
  • Books and Other Supplies: You can determine what books and other educational supplies you will need after you register for classes. Books are available for purchase through the University Bookstore. You may want to purchase a good dictionary of English and your native language.
  • Sheets and Towels: Whether living on or off campus, you will need your own linens. These are easily and inexpensively purchased upon arrival.