Housing for admitted international students


Housing Information

On-Campus Housing

International students who are more than 21 years old may choose to live on campus in university residence halls, or live off-campus in an apartment or house. Students under 21 years of age are expected to live in University housing for at least one year. For more information check out this link to Residence Life Housing Application

If you require additional information contact Residence Life.
Phone: (540) 665-4611
Fax: (540) 665-1289
E-mail: ssnyder2@su.edu

Off-Campus Housing

All international students are encouraged to live on campus at least for their first semester. It can be difficult to find an apartment off-campus. In addition, all apartments are unfurnished. For more information on local apartments, consult the information available at Off-Campus Housing | Rental Information


Most Americans do not rely on public transportation to get around. While bus service in Winchester is clean and efficient, buses do not run very frequently. If you are going to rely on public transportation, it will take up a lot of your time. Most students living in the vicinity of campus find it useful to buy a bike to travel short distances. Most students get around in cars. The price and quality of used cars vary greatly from as low as $600-$800 up to thousands of dollars. In addition to the cost of the car and gas, you will be required to purchase an auto insurance policy.


Avoid carrying large amounts of cash with you or keeping it at your residence. We recommend you deposit your money in a bank. The International Cross-Cultural Center staff will assist you in opening a bank account during orientation.

Currency/Foreign Exchange

It is recommended you bring sufficient cash or traveler’s checks with you to cover your first month’s expenses (see estimated expenses below.) Traveler’s checks in U.S. dollars are the most convenient and safest form of currency since only a few banks in the Winchester area have foreign currency departments. It may take several days for them to exchange money.

Estimated Expenses

The amount of financial support you were required to document to receive your I-20 form is a realistic assessment of the cost of living in the United States. You may find that your initial expenses are very high, and you should be sure to bring sufficient funds to cover the costs of getting settled.


For a complete list of university tuition and fees go to Student Accounts Tuition & Fees Page

Tuition Payment

Details regarding payment options are available on Students Accounts Payment Information & Options page