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Q: What is the iMLearning Program?
A: The iMLearning Program provides students and faculty with a common platform and mobile access to university resources.  All incoming full-time freshmen and full-time graduate students in selected programs will be provided with a university-owned and configured MacBook Pro and their choice of either 32 Gb iPad Air (Wi-Fi model) or a 64 Gb iPad mini (Wi-Fi model).

Q: Is there a cost?
A: All students will pay a technology fee, which covers the core networking services provided by Shenandoah University.  Students who participate in the iMLearning Program will pay an additional iMLearning fee of $285 per semester.

Q: What do the fees cover?
A: Many things, including:

  • University-provided MacBook Pro and or iPad mini
  • Customized applications designed for Shenandoah’s teaching and learning objectives
  • Interactive campus map, course software and viewing capabilities for grades and events on campus.
  • Configuration and setup for wireless services 
  • 24/7 wireless access from academic buildings, residence halls and the Northern Virginia Campus in Leesburg
  • Dedicated Mac technicians 
  • Laptop hardware support
  • Toll free 24/7 tech support
  • Anti-Virus software
  • All inclusive hardware warranty
  • Microsoft Office, current version
  • Apple iWork and iLife, current version
  • A loaner laptop if yours ever fails
  • Laptop loss and theft insurance, with a deductible 
  • Laptop accidental damage insurance, with deductible
  • Optional Dual Platform configuration on request with the latest Mac OS and the latest Windows OS
  • Updates to preinstalled software at no charge (Mac OS, Windows OS, iWork, iLife, Microsoft Office)

Q: What equipment will I be receiving?
A: You will receive an Apple Macbook Pro laptop and your choice of either a 32 Gb iPad (Wi-Fi model) or a 64 Gb iPad mini (Wi-Fi model).  Links to specs are below.

Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch LED-backlit glossy widescreen display):

Apple’s 32 Gb iPad Air (Wi-Fi model) or 64 Gb iPad mini (Wi-Fi model):

Q: If I bring my own laptop and mobile device will I still be charged the iMLearning fee every semester?
A: All students who are mandatory participants in the iMLearning Program will be charged the iMLearning fee and they will be provided a university-configured MacBook Pro and iPad or iPad mini and they will use these devices in class.

Q: Can I bring another computer?
A: Yes, you can bring another computer, but it will not replace the MacBook Pro and mobile device required for classes.

Q: Why Mac and not Windows?
A: The new MacBook Pro runs both Mac OS and Windows OS. It has been tested by numerous faculty members and has received very high marks. Shenandoah University is committed to providing students with the tools common to their chosen profession, so the MacBook Pro provides the best of both worlds. For example, students will be able to do all the creative applications necessary for the conservatory and the analytic applications necessary for the business school on one machine. Also, the new MacBook Pro is environmentally friendly, and Shenandoah picked it primarily because of its environmental impact. We are proud to have one of the first environmentally friendly college laptop programs in the country.

Q: Can I keep the MacBook Pro when I leave?
A: If students are enrolled full-time for eight semesters and pay an iMLearning fee for all eight, they keep the equipment (iPad or iPad mini included).  Eight semesters will include summer semesters, for which some programs pay iMLearning fees 

Q: If I purchase the MacBook Pro what needs to be done?

Students will be allowed to keep their personal data and applications.  Settings for SU should be removed; Help Desk staff can perform this task.

Q: What happens if it gets damaged?
A: The University has paid for insurance on the units. If the unit is stolen or the screen breaks, students will have to pay a deductible for excessive damage. Otherwise, all other damage should be covered by the insurance.

Q: How do I get software updates?

A: When connected to the campus network, students can access updates via the Self Service application. Updates will also be available through Apple Software Update in the App Store.

Q: What if I need other software?
A: All software that is needed beyond what is the standard image of the SU laptop will be provided at an educational discount in the bookstore and can be loaded by the user.


Questions about the iMLearning Program? Contact Don Silvius at 540-545-7275 or dsilvius@su.edu.