Commitment to Excellence

iMLearning and Excellence in Teaching

iMLearning transforms the teaching
and learning experiences for faculty
and students.

Shenandoah University’s Integrated Mobile Technology (iMLearning) program puts powerful, state-of-the-art Apple® computer technology into the hands of our students and full-time faculty, creating an interactive and information-rich learning environment focused on exploration and discovery. The iMLearning program establishes a common technology platform across campus to increase the diversity of learning opportunities available to all students. Through iMLearning, Shenandoah students will be better prepared with the technology and learning skills necessary for their future careers. The iMLearning program also allows MacBook Pro laptop users to utilize a virtual Microsoft Windows platform, creating options for students depending on their courses of study.

All incoming full-time, undergraduate students will receive an environmentally friendly MacBook Pro laptop and must select either an iPad Air Wi-Fi (32 GB) or iPad mini Wi-Fi (64 GB).  These mobile tools integrate with the university’s academic resources and library databases as well as the Internet, enabling students to communicate with faculty, staff and classmates and providing 24/7 access to class content and online resources that enhance their classroom experiences.

iMLearning transforms the teaching and learning experiences for faculty and students. Professors can access online resources to deliver academic content in and out of the classroom while making the most of class time to interact with students. That way, classroom time is devoted to sharing insights and hands-on learning experiences. In turn, students can research topics, prepare assignments, take quizzes, submit papers, communicate with professors and classmates and participate in online discussions. Students will also learn about campus events, create their own videos and participate in social networking.

In Spring of 2013, the first wave of over 40 Shenandoah faculty participated in iPad related teaching development activities, including Apple iBooks Author and Course Manager workshops.  The First Year Seminar (FYS) faculty routinely incorporate the exploration of new instructional technologies into their annual retreat.  iMovie and other iLife and iWork applications are used to support learning in many courses across the university and the FYS program in particular.