iMLearning & You

iMLearning is used by undergraduate students
Students collaborate in Allen Dining Hall
iMLearning is “green.”
iMlearning never quits.

Apples Everywhere

Shenandoah University’s innovative iMLearning program puts state of the art computing technology directly in the hands of students to enhance learning so students graduate confident and capable users of technology.  Beginning this year, in addition to the environmentally friendly MacBook Pro, the university will begin to adopt the iPad as the secondary mobile device.  Incoming freshmen and full time students in designated graduate programs are offered their choice of an iPad or an iPad mini.  By adopting the “ubiquitous computing model” students always have the technology at hand, both inside the classroom and out.

Consumer Reports

In a survey by Consumer Reports earlier this year, Apple was rated ahead of all other computer manufacturers in terms of customer support. Apple consistently scored high 80's in nearly all categories. In fact, Apple outscored its competitors --for example, Dell and Lenovo -- by greater than 36 percent over all. 

The iMLearning program allows the institution to offer unique technology programs that enhance classroom management and student engagement.