Advising Checklist

General Education Requirements

  • Students must complete at least one course in each of the seven domains.
  • A maximum of six credits per domain may count toward a student’s General Education requirements with the exception of the effective comunication domain where the students must take at least six credits and the scientific world domain, in which students may take a maximum of eight credits.
  • Students must complete ENG 101 or its equivalent.
  • Students must complete a minimum of thirty General Education credits.

Course Checklist

Domain Credits Course(s) Taken
1) Effective Communication (EC) (Students must complete ENG 101 or its equivalent.) 6-9
2) Artistic Expression (AE) 3-6
3) Quantitative Literacy (QL) 3-6
4) Scientific Literacy (SL) 3-8
5) Moral Reasoning (MR) 3-6
6) The Individual in Society (IS) 3-6
7) The Individual in the World (IW) 3-6
Total General Education Domain Credits=30 credit minimum