Early Alert Referral System

Early Alert Referral Form

In the case of emerging or imminent crises, please dial SU Public Safety. Dial 4444 (from a campus phone) or 540-247-6809.

This form allows faculty (full- and part-time) to alert the appropriate support services of any student who is not making satisfactory progress and/or is exhibiting behaviors that may lead to academic difficulty (i.e. non-attendance). With this information, we can contact the student and encourage participation in support services, tutorials, counseling, and/or workshops that may help the student academically or personally.Information you provide may be shared with the student, who has legal access to this information. Observations should be objectively stated.

Faculty Name:

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Student's First Name:

Student's Last Name:

Student's ID#

Student's Phone Number (if known):


*Is this concern related to a specific course?   Yes No
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*Have you discussed the situation with the student?  Yes No
If not, have you tried to contact the student to discuss the situation?  Yes No


Student lacks essential skills:  reading writing math.
Student is not completing reading and/or homework assignments.
Student continually submits sub-standard work.
Student appears to struggle to keep pace with the class.
Student lacks aptitude in subject matter.
Student does not take class notes.
Student is not attending class.
Student is attending class but is not making satisfactory progress.
Student is not participating in class.
Student is not performing well on tests.
Student exhibits poor attitude and/or disruptive behavior.
Student was engaged in the past, but is increasingly disengaged in classroom activity.
Student’s hygiene habits have deteriorated.
Student has personal issues that affect performance and behavior.
Student should consider, or is considering, a change of major

Other.    Please explain: 

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