SUpr Summit: Shenandoah University Projects & Research Summit

WHO: Undergraduate and graduate students.

WHAT: A great opportunity for students to share their work.  This is open to all majors and includes examples
such as empirical research, projects, portfolios, presentations and demonstrations.  This includes on-going research projects.

WHEN: April 23, 2014, must enter by April 1, 2014
Set-Up: 7-9:45am student project drop-off and set-up
Students registering to participate will need to pick one of the four allotted time-slots to be in Ferrari and "present" their project to be judged:
*1) 10-10:45am
2) 11-11:45am
3) 12-12:45pm
4) 1-1:45pm
Awards/Celebration: 3-4pm Open to all of SU
Clean-up/Project pick-up: 4-7pm

*Faculty judges are needed for the four time slots listed above.  If you are interested in judging and available during any of the four time slots, please contact Teri Masiello at

WHERE: Ferrari Room, Brandt Student Center

HOW: To register, please use this Google form

The Summit is a poster session, to be judged by faculty volunteers.  A rubric will be used for scoring.  Judges will provide written comments and subjective feedback.  The competition is offered to all schools and departments.  Prizes will be awarded.  

To enter, students must first seek their advisor or another faculty member that would be willing to support and guide their entry.  Those wishing to apply will be required to submit a 250-word abstract that should be approved by their faculty sponsor prior to submission.  This abstract will be reviewed through a double-blind review process and printed in the event program.

Poster Dimensions: 40”x 32” (Width x Height)

If you enter by March 8: we will print your poster for you at no cost.
If you enter by March 24: we will print your poster and pay 50% of the $38.40 price.


Please follow these instructions to setup PowerPoint for poster design
(Using Office 2011)
40”x 32” (Width x Height)

1.      Open PowerPoint

2.      Click the “Themes” tab (It’s next to Home)

3.      Click “Slide Size”

4.      Select Page Setup

5.      Slides sized for (drop down menu): Select Custom

6.      Width: 40 inches

7.      Height: 32 inches

8.      Slides should be in the “landscape” orientation – wide –

9.      Click OK

Some tips:

1.      Title should be readable from 10 feet (3 meters). ~ 72 point or more

2.      Text in the main body should be readable from 3 feet (1 meter). ~ 24 point or more

          a.      Section headings should be 40 point

          b.      Use San Serif fonts (e.g. Calibri, Gill Sans, Arial)

3.      Less is more. Use figures/pictures/tables rather than words to illustrate your work.

          a.      Highlight the core aspects of your work.

4.      Design for a general audience. Avoid jargon.

5.      Organize the poster with a sensible flow. Arrange the sections in a “top to bottom; left to right” fashion.

6.      Be proactive and approach the viewer who is looking at your poster.

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